The study of oscillatory patterns of movement in non-equilibrium states.
Polysingular rhythmical structures. Primitive cosmology.
Resident of the Local Prophets, 3AM, alias of Dmitry Paranyushkin.
AH Xone 23c, Analog rytm, CDJ2000, X1/Z1, 78-150 bpm, 40-150 Hz.

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The following program was recorded
    using a combination of the already existing tracks
    and live tracks produced by Aerodynamika.

It is directed     towards initiating
    strong cardiovascular response
    and progressive rise
    in gamma-wave activity of high-frequency oscillatatory neuronal pathways.


The following program has oscillatory effect
    on the one who hears.

Initiating high-frequency response
    in the theta-wave spectrum
        (averaging at 135bpm)     having a positive effect
    on cardiovascular activity
    and beyond.


The following program has a soothing effect
    on the one who hears.

Composed of various findings
    in the fields of
    indie pop, ambient, nu gaze,
    new wave, rnb, dream haze.

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The following program is a selection
    of our adventures in techno.

Giving preference
    to the rythms
        and textures
    out of sync
    with each other
    and yet still connected.


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The following program
    leaves it up to you
    to hear
    and imagine.



Non-equilibrium stability formations in timespace



The following program
    is created by DEM LEEDZ
    collaboration of Aerodynamika and Colin Johnco



When the angle of the air flow to the surface of the body is lower than certain threshold,
the force of the lift is higher than the force of the drag.
So the body ascends into the outer space.



The following program
    mashes it up.


In the following program
    Aerodynamika breathes air (microphone)
    into the fire
    of Stefan Mark Färber (drums).


In the following program
    we find several iterations.